Department of Field Crops Research

Department of Field Crops Research

About the institute

The Department of Field Crops Research has three research programs: studying of different cropping systems; maintenance and development of alternative plants genetic resources; research and improvement on resistance against biotic stresses in wheat and maize germplasm.

In our project we collect and study the specific quality of breeding lines such as fatty acid, essencial aminoacid content, water soluble vitamins and antioxidants. We research and develop different cropping and irrigation technologies.

Resistance against pathogens of wheat and maize is very important factor of yield stability. Our research team studies the resistance of cereal genotypes against pathogens under provocative conditions. Besides of these we use molecular genetic methods to analyze the genetic background of plant resistance. Research works focus on the effects of climate changes on the compound of pathogen fungal populations. We also develop new biological methods in plant protection by the use of pathogen-antagonist microorganisms. Goal of our research team is to support breeding procedure by developing prebreeding strains, which are resistant against several pathogens.


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